Getting around: Newly appointed District 90 Supt. Ed Condon greets Mary Jean Zaino at Roosevelt Middle School, where he spent his first day on the job greeting students and summer camp counselors last Friday.Photos by J. GEIL/Photo Editor

Ed Condon’s first day at District 90 began with a bit of a hiccup last Friday, after Thursday night storms caused a power outage at Lincoln Elementary School, forcing the River Forest public school district and the new superintendent to make the last-minute decision about whether or not to cancel Lincoln’s summer school program.

The decision to make the cancellation turned out to be the right one, though, when power wasn’t restored to the building until 11 a.m. that day. It also might have scored Condon some brownie points with the summer school kids that got an extra day tacked onto their Fourth of July three-day weekend holiday.

Or maybe they were bummed at the cancellation.

“We know our students enjoy their classes, and to have to cancel a session is a disappointment,” Condon said. “Unfortunately, it was an unavoidable circumstance. It was out of our hands.”

Apart from the surprise power outage, Condon’s first day went smoothly, with plenty of opportunities for meeting and greeting district students, staffers and administrators. The superintendent said he had the opportunity to accomplish all of the things he hoped to on his first day, like becoming more familiar with co-workers and visiting Roosevelt School, where summer school remained in session.

“Fortunately [the power outage] did not affect the program over at Roosevelt,” Condon said. He said he took the opportunity to visit Roosevelt just as the summer school program was at the tail end of its day.

“I didn’t disturb any classes. It was just the dismissal for the final session,” he said. “The day before the three-day weekend the students were certainly enthusiastic to head out and enjoy the holiday weekend with their families.”

Condon also took the opportunity to write a letter to students, families and district staff and administration, thanking them for welcoming him to River Forest and outlining some of the more important objectives he has for the coming school year. The letter was included in the July edition of the District 90 Primer electronic newsletter.

“It expressed my enthusiasm about having the opportunity to work in such a great community as River Forest,” he said.

Condon was formerly the principal of Butler Junior High School in Oak Brook, a position he continued through the end of the day Thursday, the day before he started in District 90. But he’s been a presence in River Forest, attending District 90 board of education meetings and appearing for a May meet and greet, since he was hired by the district in early April.

“It’s really exciting to be feeling like I have both feet in District 90 at this point,” Condon said. “I’m enthusiastic about moving forward with our plans and goals for the upcoming year.”

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