Although I know most of the news media is owned by Republican Party donors, I am puzzled by the lack of information relating to the Health Care Reform Act. In its present form, the bill is not all that we would want, but it is a promising start. Some of the positions that it has already established are:

1. More that 32 million Americans can get health care who had no insurance previously.

2. Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to insured clients who have pre-existing conditions.

3. The Health Care Reform Act also helps people with pre-existing health problems to obtain insurance.

4. The bill offers basic benefits for everyone on Medicare to have free preventive services.

5. The bill has also arranged to close the “doughnut hole” in the Part D drug program.

6. It provides additional coverage such as extending health insurance for adult children until age 26.

7. No longer is the insurance company the decision-maker in health situations. Families with their doctors make their own decisions.

8. People are required to obtain health insurance coverage, but the Health Care Reform Bill offers subsidies for low- and moderate-income families.

9. The bill also makes more folks eligible for Medicaid.

10. The bill offers immediate tax credits to help small businesses buy employee health insurance.

There is also a financial benefit that is not emphasized. Economists estimate almost $150 billion in higher cost in 10 years without health care reform. We taxpayers will have to assume that burden if the Health Care Reform Act is repealed. We should be fighting to improve and implement the bill rather than abolish it.

Let’s support efforts to cut insurance company charges and support courageous Republicans and Democrats who are working on our Health Care Reform Act.

Of course, if you have invested in insurance company stock, you will not support my view.

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