We, the Citizens for Accountable Leadership candidates — Ray Johnson, Adam Salzman and Bob Tucker — ask for your vote for village trustee on April 5.

Faced with an uncertain economy, Oak Park needs experienced leaders who have the budget, finance and personnel-related skills necessary to address complicated issues. We are those leaders, and we pledge to govern Oak Park with strict fiscal discipline.

Like many of you, we worry that Oak Park could lose its rich diversity — economic, racial and generational — if taxes become too big of a strain on residents. We must promote and protect our diversity by keeping Oak Park economically accessible to all.

We would like to thank Wednesday Journal for endorsing Ray Johnson and Bob Tucker in this election. We agree with the newspaper that Ray “has been the epitome of a good public servant,” and that Bob’s “background in affordable housing will be helpful to the village board.” Clearly, the experience and breadth of knowledge of Oak Park issues that Ray and Bob possess will be tremendous assets in serving Oak Park.

We are, however, disappointed that Wednesday Journal failed to endorse Adam Salzman. The newspaper stated that Adam “would make an admirable addition to the village board.” That is an understatement.

Adam has a solid background in service to Oak Park — as a commissioner and chair on the Oak Park Universal Access Commission — that is directly relevant to the job of village trustee. In these challenging times, Oak Park deserves village leaders who already are experienced, not ones we hope are “quick learners.”

Adam has a firm grasp on the diverse issues facing our village because he has done his homework, studied the issues, and listened to citizens’ concerns on front porches, at community events, and at board and commission meetings. His hard work and commission experience give him, as the newspaper notes, a solid understanding of “inner workings of village hall.” That’s what voters want in a trustee.

As trustee, Adam Salzman would arrive fully informed and prepared with no need to reverse positions on issues like the TIF, nor “defer” to other colleagues. He has never been shy about disagreeing with the current board, nor his running mates. His independence on the board will come from his experience, preparedness and character. Adam will make an excellent trustee.

Ray Johnson, Adam Salzman and Bob Tucker will hold the line on property taxes, scrutinize expenditures to stretch your tax dollars, and work to expand the commercial and residential tax base to ease the current tax burden. We will press for real and immediate cooperation with the other taxing bodies to avoid duplication of services, and share resources where appropriate to save money. We will continue to build on Oak Park’s excellent public safety record while we continue to move Oak Park forward.

We respectfully ask for the support of all Oak Parkers on April 5. We are the first three candidates on the ballot, so it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Ray Johnson, Adam Salzman and Bob Tucker are running as the Citizens for Accountable Leadership slate of candidates in the April 5 election. They’re competing for three open spots on the Oak Park village board, along with independents Lewis Carmichael and Lynn Kessen.

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