Vehicle flipped after colliding with a light post on Harlem.Photo courtesy of Andrew Fredikson

A Chicago woman received multiple citations from the River Forest Police Department after her vehicle collided with a light pole on the 600 block of Harlem Ave. Wednesday afternoon. 

Dorothy Wrencher, 20, of Chicago, was traveling southbound on Harlem when she became distracted by a soda can falling to the floor of her car. She swerved off the road and into the light post. The impact caused the car to flip and land upside down in the road.   

The River Forest police responded to the scene at approximately 3:40 p.m., and Harlem was closed for roughly 45 minutes as a result of the accident. They cited the driver with damaging village property and operation of an uninsured motor vehicle.

Wrencher was transported to Loyola University Hospital after complaining of pain. 

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