Reusable baggies for your child's school lunch, a delicious idea!

Do you remember what you were doing at the age of six? Reaching way back into my memory, I pull out vague remembrances of Barbies, books, and bicycles. I really don’t remember fundraisers and social activism.

Recently while visiting my family, I found out that young, impassioned Allie Skelley, at the age of six, has chosen a future profession that would make any parents proud: an environmental conservationist. Or as Allie calls it: “Protector of the earth.” Before you dismiss her lofty goals as childhood dreams, know that this young activist doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks the walk.

Allies parents, Virginia and Dave Skelley, were explaining that sweet, yet single-minded Allie possesses a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to living a green lifestyle. She won’t allow anyone to leave the faucets running, and well she doesn’t even need anyone to explain her views on her behalf either.

Allie takes over the conversation with her characteristic enthusiasm, explaining like a well-versed preservationist, the importance of recycling and reusing. This animated and ardent environmentalist can hardly contain her enthusiasm about the upcoming Earth Day – an opportunity to appreciate and inspire awareness for Mother Earth.

Which brings me to today’s green find, one that I’m sure has Allie’s stamp of approval: a smart alternative to the plastic baggie, a reusable sandwich bag. 

Every day, more than 20 million plastic baggies go into landfills.

We can reduce the number of plastic baggies being thrown out with the use of LunchSkins, reusable snack and sandwich bags found at Sugarcup Trading in Oak Park (110 N. Marion Street).

From the founders of LunchSkins, a little green gem of a find:

“Our happiest moments are spent outdoors. Rivers, lakes, meadows, forests, mountains, and oceans inspire us to take care of the places we love. Living sustainably is not just about big technological or scientific innovations. It’s about the little things, too. It can be as simple and easy as changing wasteful habits and using better products.

Hard as it may seem to believe, the familiar and frequently used zippered plastic baggie has not been improved in 40 years. Disposable plastic may have seemed like a great idea in 1964, but our standards have changed. Today, we look for products that are healthy for us and healthy for our planet, particularly things we use on a daily basis like disposable plastic baggies. Although it looks like a little bag, reusable LunchSkins can make a big difference!”

LunchSkins are a food-safe, dishwasher-friendly, cute reusable bag, made of a very high-quality European fabric used by patisseries and bakeries. Conveniently, this fabric is durable and withstands high heat, too. It can withstand repeated cycles in the dishwasher.

Whether you care about our environment, saving money, or eating healthily, LunchSkins offer an environmental benefit (reduce landfill waste), a practical benefit (they can be used hundreds of times and save you money over the long run), and a healthy choice (food tastes better in a pastry bag). Sounds delightfully green to me!

Do you know any young green heores? Tell us about your socially conscious community members!

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