River Forest president John Rigas made a slight slip of the tongue at a Monday night board meeting when he introduced an agenda item to discuss a “red light district.”

“I say absolutely not,” joked fellow trustee Catherine Adduci.

A chuckling Rigas quickly corrected himself.

In fact, the topic of discussion was the installation of red light cameras at certain stoplights around town. The cameras are used to catch motorists running red lights and help avoid dangerous auto accidents at busy intersections.

“It’s been over a year since the red light cameras came before us, and I would like my fellow trustees to give approval to update the numbers,” said trustee Michael Gibbs, referring to the cost assessments made during the last discussion.

When the topic was first broached, the village discussed the possibility of installing the cameras at the Lake and Harlem intersection and the Harlem and North intersection.

Gibbs said the large number of accidents at each of these two intersections made it important to review the red light camera proposal.

But at least one trustee is not interested in the idea of cameras. “Just for the record, I’m not inclined to be amenable to the red light cameras,” said trustee Susan Conti.

This article has been changed to indicate that the “red light district” comment was made by John Rigas. 

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