I, Ian Diego Bird, object to the elimination and reduction of 60 jobs in District 97. Even if art and band aren’t as major learning requirements as reading, writing and arithmetic, they are stimulating factors of every child’s day. Firing this amount of people in District 97 could make several people jobless or even homeless! Many of the people you are firing have had this job for several years; they’ve been teaching for a long fraction of their lives. What job do you think they could fall back on in an economic state rivaling the Great Depression?

The way I see it is that it can’t be this bad forever; it could benefit you to keep all these teachers. It will be much harder in the future to get teachers back after this! To me, I feel this is ludicrous. Ludicrous for the students, ludicrous for the teachers and ludicrous for you! I may be just one middle school student, but I and many people in District 97 know that this plan is completely unethical. I have a character in one of my books who says, “You who cannot see the forest for its trees just cannot comprehend true peace.” I think in this situation that the “trees” are teachers and faculty, and that the “forest” is you, the PTO, and the student body. Well we need our trees for our forest.

I know this isn’t some Nickelodeon movie. I also know that you have probably brushed aside all of my thoughts like you did when I presented to you because I’m just some little kid like when I presented to you about the Irving schoolyard project (yeah, I’m the same kid). But hear me out. All I’m asking for right now is for a couple of months, maybe half a year. Please reconsider.

Ian Bird and classmates
Oak Park
Julian Middle School student

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