Here’s a new twist on the age-old flowers and dinner combo on Valentine’s Day.

New-to-town florist David Arnold is taking the guesswork out of coordinating a romantic surprise on Valentine’s Day. He’ll arrange to have a box of a dozen long-stem roses waiting to be presented to your valentine during dinner at one of a handful of restaurants around town. The offer’s good for those who choose to avoid the crowds and celebrate as early as Feb. 11, right up through the romance-laden Feb. 14.

“I’m going to deliver the boxed roses to the individual restaurants on the day of the reservation,” he said of his plan, which began as a synchronized effort between the new-to-town florist and several much-loved area eateries.

Now, anyone making a reservation at Cucina Paradiso, Fuego Loco, Winberie’s, Maya del Sol, Barclay’s American Grille in the Carleton Hotel, Marion Street Cheese Market, or LaBella, will be referred to Arnold for the floral portion of their Valentine’s Day celebration. Customers can then call Arnold’s shop, D. Michael Floral Design, and he’ll arrange to have a bouquet waiting to be presented at mealtime.

“I’m hoping it’s going to be a big day for me,” said Arnold of Valentine’s Day.

Before he opened his storefront at 212 S. Marion St. on Dec. 1, Arnold was operating his business out of his home in Blue Island. And though he had managed to establish some professional connections in Oak Park while doing weddings, funerals, and other events in the area, he’s said he’s still working on augmenting his clientele.

“It’s hard,” he said. “People don’t totally know I’m here yet.”

Still, he’s got extra help onboard and a large shipment coming in to prepare for the notoriously florist-friendly holiday. “The calls are starting to happen. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they continue,” said Arnold.

For more information or to make arrangements for a restaurant delivery, call the store at (708) 524-1085.

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