Stephanie Clemens’ comments warning parents and students about seeing “Black Swan” are wise indeed [On the film ‘Black Swan,’ Lifelines, Feb. 2].

Stephanie has devoted a lifetime to forming and nurturing dancers at the Academy of Music and Movement — including my own two daughters when they were younger — and always presented dance as a wonderful opportunity for growth and artistic development.

The unrelenting visual depictions of the negative aspects of dance can only be damaging to the minds of young dancers.

One can only wonder what the producers were thinking when creating this film, which would no doubt attract a lot of young female moviegoers.

Actually, the film has little dance, and lots of bloody and psychologically disturbing themes that are shocking and sensationalistic.

I wish I had read more reviews before going to see it, since I would have, like Stephanie, chosen to avoid it.

Maryanne Rusinak
Librarian, Concordia University

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