There is a pretty good reprise of last week’s blizzard out our newsroom window as we write these words on Monday afternoon. Reminds us, as if we needed reminding, of the gargantuan efforts put forth by public works crews and managers in Oak Park and River Forest throughout and after last week’s 20-inch snowfall.

That was some blizzard. Horizontal snowfall, lightning and thunder, OPRF closed for two consecutive days for the first time in its stubborn history.

We think, and virtually everyone we’ve encountered thinks, the local response was outstanding and remarkably sustained. The two villages pulled out all the stops, did a strong job of communicating with each other, and with the schools and parks. The result was main streets cleared repeatedly and, in most cases, curb-to-curb. The side streets were attacked aggressively. The alleys, inevitably, took a bit more time. The cleanup and snow-hauling from commercial districts continued all weekend.

Dramatic storms such as this also bring out virtues of neighborly connection that reassure all of us of the abiding strength of our blocks and our villages.

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