Parking restrictions

Parking restrictions have been lifted and vehicles are again allowed to park on the street. No vehicles were towed or ticketed due to illegal parking during the storm, and Public Works was able to dig out snowed-in vehicles.


All village streets, alleyways and parking lots have been plowed. Touch-up work on alleyways is scheduled for tomorrow.

Post office

The post office reopened for normal business hours today after being closed yesterday. Mail delivery service also resumed today after a suspension yesterday.

Garbage pick-up

Garbage and recycling collections scheduled for Wednesday have been postponed to Friday, Feb. 4.

River Forest Village Administrator Eric Palm said there are currently no estimates on the total cost associated with storm preparation and response. “That is something we will be putting together, just sort of a post-mortem analysis, if you will,” said Palm. He said he expects to begin that analysis early next week.

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