River Forest School District 90 will move forward with summer construction plans for all three district schools, with the bulk of work slated for Willard Elementary School.

“Last year, we were in the first year of our proposed three year life-safety construction schedule, since we have three buildings,” said Anthony Cozzi, director of finance and facilities for Dist. 90. “Last year was Lincoln School … This year it’s Willard’s turn.”

Cozzi said that Willard School, 1250 Ashland, will have similar large-scale construction projects implemented as Lincoln had last year, including a reconstruction of the main office to make the building more secure. “The main entranceway will not have direct access into the building without going through the main office,” he said.

The construction is scheduled to begin June 6, the Monday that follows the end of the school year. It is expected to be completed by the time school reopens in the fall.

Another construction project slated for Willard includes the augmentation and reconfiguration of the school’s library learning center.

“And then there’s just a whole bunch of life safety stuff. Fire extinguishers, adding fire doors, repurposing space,” said Cozzi. “There’s a laundry list of things.”

Meanwhile, Lincoln School, 511 Park, and Roosevelt Middle School, 7560 Oak, will undergo smaller-scale construction projects, with Roosevelt slated for its larger reconstruction project in the summer of 2012.

“What we’ve done is we have one building a summer that gets its primary stuff, and then we have the other two get the less invasive stuff,” Cozzi said.

Cozzi added that the school has not yet had a bid opening for the project, and the total construction costs are currently unknown. But he said an architect is expected to present plans for construction within the next month.

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