Circle Theater's 'Kiss Me Kate'

I attended the Friday, Jan. 21, performance of Circle Theatre’s “Kiss Me Kate.” The show was great. The two leads are destined for bigger things. The two gangsters’ rendition of “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” was alone worth the price of admission — it was better than in the movie. The big dance numbers were great. I enjoyed the show very much.

The Circle Theatre company is definitely worth supporting. I’d attended several of their shows in their old Forest Park space and was very impressed with the quality of those performances. “Kiss Me Kate” was even better.

I think that the Circle Theatre company may be hurt by the “ghosts” of the Village Players. That company folded because often its productions weren’t very good. I left at the intermission of the last Village Players show that I attended. Even though I knew intellectually that “Kate” was not a Village Players production, my previous experience colored my initial attitude toward “Kiss Me Kate.” The thought that, if this was the Village Players theater, it must be a Village Players show, lurked in the back of my mind.

So, my advice to the community is: try the Circle Theater productions (now); you’ll like them. My advice to the Circle Theatre company: hold an exorcism and make it clear that an entirely different company is putting on shows in your new space.

Dave Towne
Oak Park

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