To be among those chosen as villagers of the year is a great honor in a community where so many contribute their time and effort making Oak Park and River Forest an exceptional place to live [Villagers of the year: OPRF Citizens’ Council, News, Jan. 5]. Thank you for this recognition.

We write this letter to clarify that we are representatives of the superhuman effort undertaken by a very dedicated subcommittee that worked long hours to get this grassroots movement off the ground.

We worked to galvanize the many distinct voices into six new, separate committees to carry on this work. Mimi Skapek and I wish to thank the subcommittee (Sue Foran, Kris Raino-Ogden, Ron Orzel, Deb Quantock McCarey and Jamil Bou-Saab) for their creativity and insight, as well as the greater citizen’s council for its support.

We would also like to thank all of the Oak Park and River Forest agencies that are the backbone of this movement and have worked for years addressing teen substance use issues.

Iris Saavedra and Mimi Skapek
Co-chair and member, OPRF Citizens’ Council

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