I was disappointed when I read that the park district was going to begin the use of the harmful chemical Roundup after a nearly 20-year ban [Oak Park parks go back to herbicides, News, Dec. 8]. I never noticed a problem with weeds during the many years my son played baseball and soccer in Oak Park. Besides, this isn’t Wrigley Field.

The application process is troublesome at best…as if pinpoint accuracy will or can be used. The parks should be free of pesticides for all—this includes children, as well as pets, birds, all of us, young and old—who enjoy our parks.

However, what really got me was in last week’s Journal on page three, “A recycled background” [Inside Report, Jan. 5]. Is Oak Park really green, or does it like the idea of being green? Maybe if a big background is hung behind the trustees with all the right “catch phrases,” we can be green. The article states that the background has words such as “restore, urban gardens and clean air.” Sorry folks, but the use of Roundup doesn’t fit with this picture…I mean background.

I urge the village board to hold the park district accountable and ban the use of Roundup in our parks. Let’s be a real leader in environmental initiatives.

Jamie Pack
Oak Park

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