Apparently the Oak Park board of un-trustees learned the child’s card game, “screw your neighbor,” and as adults have adapted it to mean “screw your constituency.”

I wrote two letters back in April regarding a ticket for backing into a stall. I called the “board of trustees” and attended a board meeting. They all have my phone number as well as e-mail address, yet not one has taken the time to write or call me.

At village hall meetings, villagers are not allowed to have a dialogue with their representatives. Mayor Daley must be very proud of Oak Park. A slithery, serpentine board has been elected. I guess they’re trying to pay for the heated sidewalks on Marion by driving shoppers to meterless Madison in Forest Park.

Voters, you have a choice. This board must be cut out. We must hold our representatives accountable.

R. John Rees
Oak Park

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