It is a time-honored political tradition to challenge election petitions. Did a candidate collect adequate signatures from eligible voters? Were the forms precisely filled out? And, of course, the all-important notary public stamp. Got to get that right.

This is the month of the challenges. Nominating petitions were due in December. They get challenged in January. Hearings follow and only then is the April ballot finalized.

In Oak Park, a former park district board member has challenged the petitions of three declared candidates for park board seats. We won’t prejudge the challenge. Processes are in place to accomplish that.

We will say that David Kindler, the person filing the challenges, is a credible, involved citizen with considerable political savvy. We will also say that contested elections are the best elections. Oak Park has too few of them. This page has been squarely supportive of the efforts of the current park board and administration. That doesn’t mean that a spirited election debate wouldn’t be welcomed. But the petitions still need to comply with the regulations.

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