I don’t understand how Barbara Mullarkey’s vaccine referendum can be described as “irresponsible.” What is so irresponsible about informing adults of what is injected into their children? The foods we buy at the grocery store list their ingredients, as do the medications we buy over the counter. What are people so afraid of?

I’ve had two pediatricians for my son, and neither of them offered me the listing of ingredients in vaccines. That isn’t to say I couldn’t have asked for it, but it wasn’t freely given. I know parents who chose not to vaccinate their children, who were asked to leave the practice because of their decision. This is not an environment that makes it easy for parents to ask questions about what is being injected into their child, nor is this an environment that “welcomes a discussion on the importance and safety of vaccinations.”

My son was given a Hepatitis B shot on the day he was born, and I wasn’t even asked for my prior consent. It was just done, regardless of the fact that the only way you can get Hepatitis B is by exposure to blood or bodily fluids containing blood.

What also disturbs me is the continued assertion that vaccines have been “found safe” by countless studies. Which studies are these? Take your pick, because if you review the 14 studies that everyone likes to quote, they are all flawed. I encourage everyone to go to www.fourteenstudies.org and check them out for themselves. I am still waiting for a study free from conflicts of interest that addresses whether vaccines are truly safe.

Lastly, I’d like to chastise the “people” (who didn’t have the guts to use their real names) who called Barbara Mullarkey such things as a “nut” on OakPark.com. Really?

Grow up and figure out how to debate things without getting personal. Have some respect for someone who is way ahead of her time and is fighting for things that might not matter to you, but surely matter to her. You don’t like what she says or has proposed? Don’t vote for it. Too bad an overwhelming majority of voters did.

Molly Clark
Oak Park

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