Obviously, it is too easy to get an advisory referendum on the ballot in Illinois. Fifteen signatures, a rubber stamp approval by residents at a sparsely attended township meeting, and, voila, Oak Parkers are making an emotional, ill-informed vote on the dangers of vaccinations.

The gut reflex, as always, is to blame Oak Park’s village government. However, while we welcome the village public health department’s instant response that they will totally ignore the referendum result, they’re an innocent party here.

The culprit in this silly measure’s placement on the ballot is the state government. Yes, they of the equally lame-o recall-the-governor-if-he-looks-at-you-cross-eyed referendum. It is a change in state law that is necessary to make placing a measure on the ballot more than one person’s whim. It shouldn’t be impossible, but it ought to be necessary to work up a sweat to accomplish it.

We report today that Oak Park Township officials are already reaching out to state Sen. Don Harmon for support of a change in the law. Can’t happen fast enough.

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