While the Republicans stoke anger and solutions disconnected from reality, the issue of green power has not been given the level of attention it merits. Generating power from the sun and wind, and developing the storage and grid systems to maximize their output, are some of the few success stories in our economy, success that can be greatly magnified with the right leadership in Springfield and Washington.

It is unfortunate that Congressman Kirk and state Sen. Brady have abdicated on this vital issue, preferring the power generation of the past and exposing Illinois to strategic non-competitiveness. It is fortunate that the people who care about clean power have Gov. Pat Quinn and state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, who will fight for the economic development and job growth that green power will bring.

Under Gov. Quinn’s administration, Illinois has become the sixth leading wind power state in the U.S., providing a basis for thousands of construction and service jobs in clean energy and millions of dollars in property taxes for schools and local government. Among the many green accomplishments under Gov. Quinn will be the growth of solar power in Illinois’ renewable portfolio standards. This measure will support the development of clean, locally generated power and the additional business and job opportunities that come with it.

The Republican candidates for governor and senator say they are for change, but will just bring more of the same. A vote for Brady or Kirk will put Illinois and the U.S. on the wrong track of the status quo of polluting energy whose supplies are increasingly outside the control of the United States, raises the risk of climate change, and will not grow businesses and create jobs like renewable energy can.

Re-electing Pat Quinn as governor will keep Illinois in the forefront of growing green power businesses and jobs. Sending Alexi Giannoulias to the U.S. Senate will help ensure that our country is not stonewalled by climate deniers and polluters.

Mark Burger
Oak Park

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