Over the weekend we went to see that owl movie: The Guardians of Whatever it Is.  I have to confess that I’m a sucker for owls, and I lobbied to see it even though it’s a kids movie. I didn’t care that the plot was fairly predictable – I was stoked just to see some computer animated owls kicking butt. (An all-owl cast!) The graphics were pretty cool, and fairly realistic if you ignore that owl battle gear, and the talking beaks.   

Owls, in my real life, have been a little more elusive – and it didn’t do me any good to see that the king & queen “good” owls were played by Snowy owls. It was a reminder that the Snowy owl is another bird that I have yet to see.  But now that winter is on it’s way I may get another chance.  If it is cold enough up north, snowies may get pushed down into Northern Illinois where it is balmier than the Yukon and the hunting is easier.  It can happen – the IBET list will routinely report sightings, and a few years back one was even seen hanging around the west side of Chicago!  

Many will dread the return of winter, but not me.  I hope Santa brings me a Snowy owl – but without the shiny armor, please. 



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Dave Coulter

I have been a horticulturist for thirty years working in the Chicago area and beyond. I have lived in Oak Park for over thirteen years. My writing has recently appeared in the journal Ecological Restoration...