I was a bit taken aback to read the attribution listed in Tom Holmes’ Sept. 22 column regarding my relationship with parishioners at Third Unitarian Church, i.e., that I am “an atheist, but also yes, some of his members have criticized him for talking about God too much” [There’s no place like cyberspace for religion, News, Sept. 22]. This is not, in my view, an accurate characterization of current pastoral interactions at Third Church.

Moreover, and perhaps of greater importance, is Mr. Holmes’ overlooking the necessity of contacting me to find out whether his assertion is now true. It’s a surprising turn of events to be placed in the very role Mr. Holmes assumes for himself: to expose bad, and in this case, dated, information. Is this the standard of reporting to which the Wednesday Journal aspires?

Rev. Brian Covell
Third Unitarian Church
Submitted to OakPark.com

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