Consider this your personal invitation to join a revolution of the most important kind, one that guarantees great cultural change. We have before us an amazing opportunity, outfitted as we now are with awareness of the problem, experts with the solutions and highly motivated people who are ready to take action.

Watching Reel Link’s inspirational documentary, “Race to Nowhere,” on Saturday morning (yes, Saturday morning at 10 a.m. no less!) with a full house (yep, 250 people came out!), I was motivated. It was this community activist’s perfect day! Educators, school board members, innovators, PTO presidents, a village president and a whole lot of moms came — and stayed for the Q&A afterwards. The film was that inspiring.

This is our time (we can all agree that the educational system in America is broken) and we are the people (we have the information, the solutions, the resources and the power)!

As Vicky Abeles, director extraordinaire said, “I’m in this for change!” We are all tired of sitting through movies and meetings, and overcome by media, who place blame without solutions. “Race to Nowhere” is not about an endless journey; it’s about taking empowering steps.

Step one: join us Thursday night, Oct. 7, at 7 p.m. at the Buzz Café for collaboration and conversation about the change we need right now. Our children’s future depends upon it!

Susan Lucci
River Forest

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