Dan Haley’s bicycling column last week got me worked up to write a note on another traffic peeve of mine: vehicles that can’t wait that extra second to let other cars get through the darned intersection before beginning to bustle their own way through [Commonsense biking — and decent driving, Dan Haley, Sept. 29].

Whatever happened to allowing the first vehicle all the way through before resuming your forward progress?

So rampant is this hurry-hurry attitude that I’ve taken lately to driving oh-so-slowly through intersections. It’s my passive-aggressive way of declaring, “Hey, I own the right of way for a few milliseconds more … chill out!”

I’m sorely tempted, someday soon, to come to a full stop in the intersection and see what happens. No doubt, a bicyclist toting a cell phone will coast past the wreckage and dial 911 while pedaling onward to his or her destination.

Matt Baron
Oak Park

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