Last week a letter was released by Investors Business Daily that the House sent to George W. Bush on June 28, 2004, to quiet Bush’s criticism of the federal mortgage incentive.

Reps. Pelosi and Frank authored the letter and it was signed by scores of additional Democrats. Who but our own Rep. Danny Davis signed on to this first shot in a potential global meltdown? Had Congress acted on Bush’s requested regulation change, much of the wasted treasure of the last three years would have been avoided. We, the constituents of Rep. Davis, should know that “our guy” was right in the middle of this mess from day one. It seems to me that this revelation alone should be enough to send Rep. Davis quietly into the sunset. Fat chance.

My second reason came last week in the Sunday Trib. They had a table showing everyone who was considering a run for mayor. Who do we find in the top 10 on that list but our own Rep. Danny Davis? If we think back about a year, Rep. Davis was weighing a run for county board president, but backed out in the eleventh hour. It seems to me that our congressman isn’t happy in the House of Representatives and doesn’t care if we know it. This is sort of like sending a résumé to a blind ad and having it land on your boss’ desk — smart people know better.

I know that I will get attacked unkindly for my opinion (Sheehan one-way street civility rule), but still scratch my head after every Danny Davis speech and ask “What the hell did he say?” The constituents in the 7th deserve better.

Ray Simpson
Oak Park

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