You are a nice guy, Dan Haley, but you need to start looking closer at District 97 [Once again, I end up on wrong side of alley police, Dan Haley, Sept. 22].

I realize you can’t hold the new administrator to what Connie Collins got away with, but it’s the same school board. Why do you keep harping on how the teachers need to freeze pay while not looking very closely at the administrators — how many there are, what exactly they do, and what do they get paid? Barely heard a peep from the paper when Connie Collins got discretionary funds for her administrative bonuses to pass out like candy. And you give the district a whole lot of credit for making cuts, which it doesn’t deserve. Just the taxpayer money wasted on overheating and overcooling the schools alone must be outrageous. In the 10 years I worked at the schools, this was never corrected by the powers that be or the company that got paid to fix it, no matter how often we complained.

Instead of asking the teachers to do all the giving, how about digging for facts beyond the administrators and the board members? As a recent District 97 employee, your coverage has driven me out of my mind, and that is why I’m not renewing my subscription. I can’t bear to read your imminent endorsement of another go at the taxpayers when this district has yet to prove it uses our money wisely.

Kim Gerns
Oak Park

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