I would first like to say that I completely concur with the editorial staff when it states we need an “independent vote” and a “total makeover of county government.” [Our endorsements for county board, Our Views, Jan. 13] I can also clearly state that I am that vote and that voice.

The current administration is an abysmal failure that only knows “old school” politics and the backdoor deals that make it work – and I think we’ve all had enough. The organization is beyond broken and the current staff that is entrenched in this system will only perpetuate this downward spiral.

I will stand up to the powers that be, and be a true independent voice. I will bring a fresh perspective that has never been seen in county politics. I will bring a business sense to the budget, and question anyone proposing raising taxes and throwing money at every problem. What about ideas? What about technology? What about common sense?

As the editorial staff also states in its endorsement,” We want Harris in local politics.”

I say now is the time. I am steadfast, hungry, incorruptible, and I will be proud to represent this district and lend my ear to every resident and be his or her voice and pugilist for all issues. I look forward to actually changing the culture of county politics and relishing the opportunity to bring an independent voice to the county board.

If you, too, are fed up with the oversized, lazy bureaucracy that is the Cook County Board, please, stand with me in this fight and let’s bring about real change together. I would sincerely appreciate your vote on Feb. 2.

Forest Parker Chris Harris is one of four Democrats in the Feb. 2 primary election for the 1st District seat on the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

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