Let us start by saying our initial reaction to the new branding campaign rolled out last week by the Oak Park Area Convention and Visitors Bureau was unenthusiastic. We didn’t like the logo. We didn’t understand the tagline. Still don’t.

What we like less, though, is the snarkiness of the media – new and old – when they get on a story and ride it like a cheap thrill. Wowee, we get to say p—s in the paper or on our blog. God save us from South Park. And Pioneer Press.

The effort by the visitors bureau – and that would be real people, working every day – was sincere. The branding work goes well beyond a logo and a slogan. They claim there are strong fans of the effort and that they will push it forward despite the derision.

When it’s too easy to take a cheap shot, don’t take it. A simple lesson.

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