I want to thank Wednesday Journal for recognizing my executive and professional board experiences as some of my many very positive traits. As a working mom with nearly 30 years in finance and operations, there is no candidate that rivals those critical experiences needed on the village board. My 20-plus years on professional and civic boards includes three years as Northern Illinois University trustee and my current run as River Forest village clerk.

I congratulate John Rigas and Jim Winikates and applaud Wednesday Journal for recognizing them as independent thinkers with a financial background.

After two years as the River Forest village clerk, I have witnessed, first hand, our board’s inability to move major policy issues forward on our village’s behalf. That is why I decided to run almost one year ago. I believe the board made some positive decisions, such as approving the historic preservation commission ordinance and providing new leadership in the police department. However, due to the antagonistic behavior of our board, the village has ignored some very significant problems. One year ago, we should have dealt with the financial crisis and budget deficit we now face. A board with financial and operational experience could have helped the administration minimize the budget deficit by reducing expenses earlier in the budget year. If the board utilized proper business techniques and acumen, it could have directed the administration to create a five-year strategic plan to address retail business in our community and, perhaps, could have saved Plunkett’s from leaving River Forest.

I have a grasp of the real issues that need to be addressed and the challenges that lie in front of us. There is no other candidate that has the skills and practical experience that can work and solve those challenges as much as I do.

I am the candidate for village trustee that has the financial experience to deal with a financial crisis. I can help develop a strategic plan to address the business retention and growth needed so we can shop and eat in our own neighborhood.

The citizens of River Forest deserve an open, accountable and financially prudent board that can work together to move River Forest forward. I am committed to working with the board to address and solve the financial crises we face as a community.

Electing John Rigas, Cathy Adduci, Mike Gibbs and Jim Winikates will provide the experienced leadership that will move River Forest forward.

Cathy Adduci is the outgoing River Forest village clerk and candidate for village trustee.

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