So now, we have Virginia Seuffert’s second anti-Obama tirade-this time on the “social issues” of abortion, education and medical care. I especially enjoyed her comment concerning the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion: “…declared to be a civil right by seven old men in Washington, D.C.” Perhaps Ms. Seuffert would like to take us back to the good old days of back alley abortions, which resulted in permanent injuries and death.

Her hero, John (noun, verb, POW) McCain, was pro-choice during his first presidential campaign eight years ago. Of course, now that he desperately needs the evangelical American Taliban’s votes, he is firmly opposed to abortion.

Senator Barack Obama is correct that a woman’s decision concerning abortion should be between her, her family and her physician. The government has no right to interfere in such a grave and important decision. In the vast majority of industrialized nations, abortion is not a campaign issue-it is a personal issue. One’s religious beliefs should be respected; however, one’s religious beliefs should not be enacted into law without concern for Americans who do not hold similar beliefs.

Enacting laws based on one religion’s belief system is a Theocracy. When elected officials are sworn into office, they place their hands on the Bible and vow to uphold the Constitution of the United States. They do not place their hand on the Constitution and vow to uphold the Bible.

Sen. Obama’s position on abortion is the position-as shown in poll after poll-of the vast majority of Americans.

Imagine, Sen. Obama wants health care for all Americans. Oh my God! How horrible is that?! Imagine the gall of Sen. Obama to believe that proper health care is a right and not a privilege! Of course, the Republicans will label this concept “Socialized Medicine.” Sen. McCain has no problems affording medical care in its current fashion. When one has millions, and several houses he does not have to worry. Forget about the family where the breadwinner just was laid off, cannot pay the mortgage on time and has to decide on food or medicine for an ailing child.

I was fortunate to experience the European health care system (you know, that horrible socialized stuff). One is treated with respect and the first question asked is how one is feeling-not “Do you have insurance?”

Sen. Obama has a realistic, workable plan, which will benefit all Americans-not just those who have insurance or can afford to “pay out of pocket.”

This November’s presidential election is one of the most important in generations. We either vote for Obama for the hope and change this country desperately needs or we vote for McCain to be assured of more of the same. We can vote for a person who had 200,000 Europeans waving American flags instead of burning them, a person whom the Iraqi government agreed with on a troop withdrawal timetable.

Or, alternatively, we can vote for a person who believes Iraq and Pakistan share a border, a person who believes Czechoslovakia still exists, a person who will stay in Iraq, if necessary, “for 100 years,” a person who does not know the difference between Sunni and Shia, a person who is threatening war with Iran and provoking the Russians, a person who, if elected, will make the USA the laughingstock of the world (well, we already are) and have our allies shake their heads in disbelief.

Time for change and hope. Time to take back America from the extremists. Time for Obama.

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