Geppetto’s Toy Box, 730 Lake St., will soon expand into 732 Lake St. The wine store, Cabernet & Co., which has occupied that space, announced last week it is closing and moving out.

The owners of Geppetto’s, Eric and Brandy Masoncup, don’t plan to close their toy shop during construction for more than a few days, and expect to open the expansion by the first week of November. They have applied for a village retail support grant to assist with the renovation.

Cabernet & Co. had been in business for a little over four years, said owner Tim Colestock, who has been thinking about closing since the end of last year. “Although we have a great base of loyal customers, it just isn’t enough of a base to make the business financially viable,” he said.

Colestock plans to be moved out of his space by the end of this week. He will be staying in the wine industry, but won’t be opening another store in Oak Park.

Geppetto’s, which has been open nearly two years, will begin work on the vacated space on Oct. 1. The project includes removing the wall between the two units and moving the stairs in the old Cabernet space.

Building owner Michael Fox, of R.P. Fox, said he signed off on the expansion because “if it’s good for them, it’s good for me. It’s gotten to the point where they can only carry so much product given the space they have.” The expansion will allow room to stock more products, as well as receive customers and hold demonstrations for parents and their children, the Masoncups said. The products to be added include activity books, animals, greeting cards, wood calendars, and, with the additional room, larger items like bookshelves and playground pieces. The Masoncups applied last week for demolition and building permits, as well as the retail support grant.

The support grant would cover up to a third of the expenses for construction, according to the village’s website. The eligible expenses are those “that would stay as an improvement beyond the life of the business,” said Oak Park Business Services Manager Loretta Daly.

In order to secure the grant, the Masoncups had to show the support of neighboring businesses, which they say they have through the Avenue Business Association.

Last year, the village handed out about $375,000 through nine support grants, said Daly. The grant program has existed for over 15 years, she added.

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