Most of you know Julie Samuels and me, Bruce, her husband. In the past, when Julie ran for state representative, about 30 percent of Oak Parkers voted for her, not solely because she was endorsed by the local press and the Chicago papers (in a three-way race) but because she has been involved with community issues since 1972. Some of her votes came from folks who just plain liked her or knew her, and some came from folks who supported the Green Party.

As you know, this Nov. 7 when you go to vote, she’ll be on every ballot in the State of Illinois, and one reason why I am writing is because I would also like you to support her successor, Nathan Halsebeck. He’ll be on ballots in about 115 precincts, including 19 here in southern Oak Park.

Nathan is one of the finest young men I have ever met, and that’s saying a lot from a guy my age. He is smart, focused, articulate, kind and organized, and it would be an honor to have him in Springfield. He knows how to choose a spouse and friends who have the same attributes.

Look at “” and you will see a guy who believes in true democracy. He has been endorsed by several organizations and is committed to bringing home the Illinois National Guard from Iraq, now! No other party on the ballot has this stance.

We need money, your in-kind talent, and a commitment to put up signs for Nathan, but most of all we need 19 precinct captains in Oak Park-19 folks who are willing to act as organizers in their precincts to go or to have others go door-to-door to talk to your neighbors about voting for Nathan. If you would like more info or have questions, please call. We could arrange for a meeting with Nathan where you can ask him questions.

Bruce Samuels

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