Be warned you to pay attention to all the River Forest history we’ve been flooding you with over the village’s 125th centennial year. Now it’s time for a pop quiz.

First, number your paper from 1 to 40. The answers for these 40 multiple-choice questions are at the end. Keep your eyes on your own paper and we’re on the honor system here, so no cheating.

If you get them all right, you should think about volunteering at the Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest. You’re obviously a River Forest fan.

1. Which street is geographically closest to Bonnie Brae? A.) Harlem, B.) Keystone, C.) Ashland, D.) Thatcher.

2. Called “a special friend to troubled girls,” which River Forest resident was the first woman judge in Illinois? A.) Isabel Wasson, B.) Francis Willard, C.) Mary Bartelme, D.) Virginia Moe.

3. The River Forest branch post office, 401 William St., is a contemporary example of which architectural style? A.) Tudor Gothic, B.) Italianate, C.) Prairie, D.) Art Deco.

4. Which religious institution is located at 528 Lathrop Ave.? A.) St. Luke Church, B.) West Suburban Temple Har Zion, C.) Grace Lutheran, D.) River Forest United Methodist.

5. Which TV star lived in River Forest during the 1940s and early ’50s, attended St. Vincent Ferrer Parish, and sent his daughters to Trinity High School? A.) Perry Como, B.) Steve Allen, C.) Ernie Kovacks, D.) Lawrence Welk.

6. Which mob boss, a former Al Capone bodyguard, lived in River Forest? A.) Tony Accardo, B.) Sam Giancana, C.) Johnny Torrio, D.) Frank Nitti.

7. Between the 1930s and the 1980s, which popular chain department store was located on the southwest corner of Harlem Avenue and Lake Street? A.) Marshall Field’s, B.) Wieboldt’s, C.) The Fair, D.) Goldblatt’s.

8. Which tribe of Native Americans lived in the River Forest area? A.) Hopi, B.) Iroquois, C.) Mohawk, D.) Potawatomi.

9. Concordia University, 7400 Augusta St., was founded as a teachers’ college by which Protestant denomination? A.) Lutheran, B.) Methodist, C.) Baptist, D.) Presbyterian.

10. Which eatery is not located in the River Forest Town Center? A.) Boston Market, B.) Panera Bread, C.) Pronto Roma, D.) Grandma Sally’s Restaurant.

11. Who was the River Forest architect who worked for years in Frank Lloyd Wright’s studio before setting up his own practice and designed such buildings as the River Forest Women’s Club (1913) and the River Forest Public Library (1929)? A.) William Drummond, B.) John Van Bergen, C.) Henry Fiddelke, D.) George Maher.

12. Which street is farthest north? A.) LeMoyne, B.) Quick, C.) Iowa, D.) Augusta.

13. Who invented the small cream-filled dessert cake called the Twinkie? A.) James Dewar, B.) Franklin Mars, C.) Paul Strayer, D.) Adolph Westphal.

14. Which street was not named for an early settler? A.) Thatcher, B.) Lathrop, C.) Quick, D.) Ashland.

15. What is the name of the Trinity High School newspaper? A.) The Trapeze, B.) The Star, C.) The Spectator, D.) The Blaze.

16. Which fast food restaurant stood for decades where McDonald’s, 626 N. Harlem Ave., is now located? A.) Burger King, B.) Cock Robin, C.) White Castle, D.) Arby’s.

17. The River Forest Public Library, 735 Lathrop Ave., now has a huge, beautiful new addition. But what is the name for the style of the front 1929 building? A.) Tudor Gothic, B.) Queen Anne, C.) Italianate, D.) Art Deco.

18. Which school is located closest to the River Forest Library? A.) Roosevelt, B.) Lincoln, C.) Willard, D.) Keystone Montessori.

19. Who was the first permanent white settler in the community? A.) David Cunningham Thatcher, B.) John Henry Quick, C.) Ashbel Steele, D.) William H. Hatch.

20. Who was a governor of Illinois who later went to prison? A.) Edwin Perkins, B.) Otto Kerner, C.) Augustin Porter, D.) Abraham Hoffman.

21. Which of the following is FALSE? A.) Frank Lloyd Wright never lived in River Forest, B.) Trinity is the only high school in the village, C.) Rosary College is now called Dominican University, D.) First Avenue is the western boundary of River Forest.

22. Which business establishment is located next door, directly to the west of Whole Foods Market? A.) Coconuts, B.) Walgreens, C.) Petco, D.) Motherhood Maternity.

23. The River Forest Tennis Club, a 1906 Frank Lloyd Wright work, is located where? A.) 8020 Madison, B.) 7900 Division, C.) 401 Thatcher, D.) 615 Lathrop.

24. What was the earliest name for the River Forest community? A.) Humphreyville, B.) Noyesville, C.) Steele Grove, D.) Thatcher Town.

25. Which church is located at 7300 Division St.? A.) River Forest United Methodist Church, B.) First Presbyterian of River Forest,
C.) Grace Evangelical Lutheran, D.) St. Luke

26. The River Forest Community Center used to be: A.) Laidlaw Publishing, C.) Cook
County Forest Preserve Administrative Building, C.) Westphal’s Bottling Works, D.) Hostess Cake Bakery.

27. The River Forest State Bank building (1929) is now known as: A.) Corus Bank, B.) Citibank, C.) LaSalle Bank FSB, D.) TCF Banking & Savings.

28. Which of the following was a key reason for River Forest’s growth in the 19th century? A.) arrival of the railroad, B.) cholera epidemic in Chicago, C.) Great Chicago Fire of 1871, D.) all of the above.

29. Who was the early River Forest schoolteacher who went on to become a leader in both the temperance and women’s rights movement? A.) Clara Thatcher, B.) Harriet Dawley Steele, C.) Frances Willard, D.) Susan Davenport.

30. Jeanette Fields is usually associated with: A.) criminology, B.) architecture, C.) sculpture, D.) modern dance.

31. According to the 2000 census, the population of River Forest was: A.) 9,000, B.) 12,000, C.) 14,000, D.) 17,000.

32. What is Kathleen Minaghan’s occupation? A.) dentist, B.) optometrist, C.) chiropractor, D.) attorney.

33. Which is River Forest’s newest park, located at Division Street and Bonnie Brae? A.) Centennial, B.) Constitution, C.) Keystone, D.) Priory.

34. Which grocery is located at 7501 North Ave.? A.) Dominick’s, B.) Jewel, C.) River Forest Market, D.) Whole Foods Market.

35. The founder of which popular American product did not reside in River Forest? A.) Mars bars, B.) Kool-Aid, C.) Twinkies, D.) Eskimo Pies.

36. Which of the following is false? A.) Whole Foods Market sells sushi, B.) River Forest Community Center is located in the southwest corner of the village, C.) River Forest Branch Post Office is open until noon on Saturday, D.) Roosevelt Middle School is named for Franklin D. Roosevelt.

37. Which of the following is not in River Forest? A.) Russell’s Barbecue, B.) Lutheran Child and Family Services, C.) Bertolli’s Pizza, D.) Harlem Art Galleries.

38. Village President Frank Paris has been elected how many times? A.) one, B.) two, C.) three, D.) four.

39.Who is village clerk of River Forest? A.) Nancy Dillon, B.) Patrick J. Hosty, C.) Veronica Krawczyk, D.) Michael O’Connell.

40. Concerning River Forest in the 19th century, which of the following is false? A.) River Forest had one of the largest gun and ammunition businesses in the region, B.) River Forest had an African American neighborhood, C.) The earliest settlers built their homes as far from the railroad tracks as possible, D.) The trains all ran at ground level.

ANSWERS 1-A, 2-C, 3-C, 4-A, 5-D, 6-A, 7-B, 8-D, 9-A, 10-D, 11-A, 12-A, 13-A, 14-D, 15-D, 16-B, 17-A, 18-A, 19-C, 20-B, 21-D, 22-C, 23-D, 24-B, 25-C, 26-A, 27-A, 28-D, 29-C, 30-B, 31-B, 32-A, 33-D, 34-A, 35-D, 36-D, 37-A, 38-D, 39-B, 40-C.

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