The Hoppe Building at 461 N. Harlem is going to be turned into rubble! What a pity! The building has classic historic features, including abundant limestone trim, well worth preserving in a time of glass and steel high-rises. It relates beautifully to its locale. The landscaping of dozens of trees and shrubs behind and around it form a pleasant pathway from the parking lot to Lake Street. It would be a shame to lose such a valuable building and the park to another parking structure.

Can’t the village simply build another level on the Holley Court structure if they need more parking? Or in the parking lot behind the Gap, where it won’t offend anyone’s view? Or why can’t Oak Park and River Forest work together on building a second level at the River Forest Town Center, or an underground level there? Instead of a beautiful building with landscaping with rabbits and birds we’ll be staring at another hunk of concrete!

Come on, trustees! What in the name of heaven are you thinking? Show some humanity and change your minds about the Hoppe Building and its park!
Joan Slagle
Oak Park

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