You’re sitting there waiting to ring in the New Year. Waiting … waiting … waiting. If only you could be doing something constructive to pass the time, something that makes you take a trip back in time, something that might spark some brain power. Well, here it is, your final final of the year. Get your No. 2 pencil out. No talking, no cheating, and no bubble-gum chewing. You have 365 days to complete this exam and not a minute more. Good luck.
Final Exam

What team went undefeated in the month for the second consecutive year in a row?
A. OPRF girls b-ball
B. Fenwick boys b-ball
C. Fenwick wrestling 
D. Chicago Bulls

What OPRF basketball player broke his thumb in a game and was out the rest of the season, which didn’t matter anyway because he was set to move to Indiana at the end of the semester?
A. Eddie Curry
B. Robert Strzemp
C. Vince Humphrey
D. Josh Miller

This team of grapplers upset Fenwick by three controversial points at the Austin Regional.
A. Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and Jermaine O’Neal
C. Stone Cold Austin, The Rock, and Hulk Hogan
D. All of the above

When Fenwick defeated Trinity 55-40 in the Blazers’ new $3 million gym, who was in attendance?
A. Wayne Messmer
B. 1,400 fans
C. The Jesse White Tumblers
D. All of the above

What gymnasts qualified for the sectional?
A. Svetlana Khorkina and Carly Patterson
B. OPRF gymnast team
C. Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding
D. None of the above

What team won its first conference title since 1998?
A. Huskies (boys b-ball)
B. Illini
C. Cubs
D. No one did

What State champ notched a career-best time in the 500-freestyle?
A. Kevin Kysiak
B. Clay Aiken
C. Tim Loeffler
D. Jake Plummer

What group of athletes, made up mostly of those barely out of middle school, finished third at State?  
A. Fenwick girls b-ball
B. The Brady Bunch
C. The Jesse White Tumblers
D. Oh, we know it’s Fenwick

This duo combined to score 37 points to help their team to its first regional title in 12 years.
A. Siegfried and Roy
B. Bausch and Lomb
C. Paris and Nicky Hilton
D. Christian Cornelius and Evan Hilton

John Glancy, Nick Fabbrini and Mike Janda led the Fenwick Hockey Club to its second straight Blackhawk Cup with a 3-1 win over Loyola Gold.
A. True
B. False
C. Maybe, depending on whether or not all of hockey has been obliterated

Barry Huitema was living here when he accepted the job as OPRF’s athletic director.
A. Fiji
B. Iraq
C. Japan
D. Zimbabwe

Leah Ansell fans 11 batters and gives up no hits, while Sydney Soucek goes 3-for-3 in a 5-0 rout of whom?
A. Detroit Tigers
B. Chicago Cubs
C. Fenwick Friars
D. Oswego Owls

Who gained bragging rights after an intense, nail-biting, head-banging, rollercoaster romp at Oak Park Stadium?
A. Motley Crue
B. Clemson over South Carolina after brawl
C. Fenwick girls soccer with a  2-1 win over OPRF
D. All of the above

What two rivals finished as champs in their respective conferences?
A. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson
B. Paul Harvey and Charles Osgood
C. Brett Farve and Peyton Manning
D. OPRF girls water polo and Fenwick boys water polo

Both Fenwick girls and boys water polo players hefted what after winning their respective games at Stevenson on May 15th?
A. A towel
B. A State title trophy
C. A diving board
D. A flotation device

How many conference titles does OPRF softball have in its history of existence?
A. 2,676
B. 43
C. 13
D. 2

What ballclub came so close to winning its first major championship in history?
A. Six-time State qualifiers the OPRF softball team, who lost 8-6 to Lockport
B. The New York Yankees, yeah right
C. The New York Knicks, never
D. The Cuban Exiles, soon to be an MLB team

OPRF’s Sean O’Malley kills 10, while Chris Walstra assists. Why?
A. Self-defense
B. It was fun
C. It was the State volleyball quarterfinals
D. All of the above

Two buddies from Oak Park set out on what type of life-altering voyage?
A. A “Dude Where’s my Car” roadtrip to New Orleans
B. A scaling of the Sears Tower in just their underpants
C. A peaceful, yet treacherous at times, canoe trip down the Mississippi River
D. A trek along the San Andreas Fault”on pogo sticks

Former OPRF baseball standout Vasili Spanos agrees to play for what country in the upcoming Summer Olympics?
A. Jamaica, mon
B. Texas?
C. Oh Canada
D. Greece is the word

What did the OPRF football team snap with a 39-25 win over Morton on Saturday, Sept. 18th?
A. Jockstraps
B. Chinstraps
C. 7-game losing streak
D. Fingers

What did the Fenwick football team do to open the game against Hales where a win would give the Friars the Catholic Metro (White) League title?
A. Run like the wind
B. Squash like a bulldozer
C. Score on its first three possessions en route to a 41-6 win
D. All of the above

It was called “When Dynasties Clash.” What was it in reference to?
A. A “Dallas” “Knots Landing” and “Dynasty” reunion special
B. A look at the Lakers-Celtics rivalry
C. When five-time State champ OPRF field hockey faced four-time State champ Lake Forest
D. None of the above

From where did a coach quit or was fired or resigned amid controversy?
A. Notre Dame football
B. Arizona Diamondbacks
C. Trinity basketball
D. All of the above

This team wins 24-straight games to finish undefeated on the season.
A. Concordia football team, ugh no”they were winless
B. Brooks Middle School girls b-ball team
C. San Jose State juggling team
D. I’m bored with this          

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