Like Laura Ahlenius [Support River Forest Township! Viewpoints, Aug.20], I am grateful to Township Assessor Pamela Kende for years of timely property tax information and guidance. The township became my lifeline when, during my husband’s hospitalization for terminal illness, a fall on his hospital room floor resulted in fractures disabling me. The township’s services enabled me to return home to continue the healing process. 

With Meals on Wheels, help with household tasks, tracking bill paying, and low-cost transportation to medical treatment and grocery shopping, they sustain me as I continue to heal. See for the services they provide to residents as needed to continue living in their homes as the vicissitudes that can come with aging arise.

Far from “a needless level of bureaucracy” [River Forest Township referendum falls short of necessary signatures, News, Sept. 3], these services help keep our community stable, assuring residents of the helping hand they need to stay in their homes.

If I were asked would I consider signing such a petition? Only if the village provided details of their plain to keep these services in place as graciously and efficiently as the township them delivers today.

Betty T. Moore

River Forest resident 43 years

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