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Elections Overview

The Wednesday Journal sent questionnaires to each person running for public office in 2023. Candidates who submitted responses are listed below with links to their responses. Those candidates who are not linked did not send in responses. Candidates’ replies are as shown as they were received by the Journal.

Village of Oak Park Board of Trustees (3 seats open)
Simone Boutet
Susan Buchanan (incumbent)
Brian Straw
James Taglia (incumbent)
Cory Wesley (incumbent)
Village of River Forest Board of Commissioners
Erika Bachner (incumbent)
Kathleen Brennan (incumbent)
Bob O’Connell (incumbent)
D200 Board of Education (3 seats open)
Timothy Brandhorst
Graham Brisben
Jonathan Livingston
Brian Souders
D90 Board of Education (3 seats open)
Joseph Cortese III
Calvin Davis (incumbent)
Eric Isenberg
Kristine Mackey
D97 Board of Education (Four-year term)D97 Board of Education (Two-year term)
Gavin Kearney (incumbent) Colleen Burns (incumbent)
Jung Kim (incumbent)
Cheree Moore (incumbent)
Holly Spurlock (incumbent)
Oak Park Public Library (Two-year term)Oak Park Public Library (Four-year term)
Theodore Fuss (incumbent) Virginia Bloom (incumbent)
Maya GangulySusanne Fairfax (incumbent)
Kristina Rogers (incumbent)
River Forest Public Library Board of Trustees
Scott Ian Delano
Deborah Hill (incumbent)
Eleanor (Elan) Lang (incumbent)
Park District of Oak Park
Kassie Porreca (incumbent)
Chris Woolmuth (incumbent)
Jake Worley-Hood (incumbent)
Park District of River Forest Board of Commissioners
Dennis Healy (incumbent)
Lynn Libera (incumbent)
Daniel Roche