When you make a tax-deductible donation to the Oak Park Public Library, you’re investing in your community. You’re helping us put “the icing on the cake,” with innovative new programs and unique library initiatives available to everyone. 

What does this “icing” look like? For one, it’s being able to borrow a sewing machine, or a telescope, or a tennis racket from your library, thanks to our newly launched Library of Things collection. It’s the delight on Oak Parkers’ faces when they see our Book Bike out and about at schools, parks, community events, food pantry sites and more, reaching residents of all ages who may not have been able to access our services and collections otherwise. It’s even the kids we’ve seen ignore the bounce house at their block party, in favor of spending more time with the Book Bike!

Both the in-demand Library of Things collection and our wildly popular Book Bike were made possible by donations. And next year, we will be rolling out a new electric Book Bike, also funded by generous donations, that will expand our outreach even further and help us bring the joy of reading to more families and foster even more community engagement. 

Your donations empower us to build new connections, increase access to our services and resources, and strengthen relationships within our community. By giving to the library, you are helping us create a more connected, informed and engaged community. Together, we can make a lasting impact. Learn more at oppl.org/give.

Oak Park Public Library

Investing in equity and Oak Park’s future

Through the years, generous Oak Parkers have given to the Oak Park Public Library. These tax-deductible donations help library staff members pursue “the icing on the cake” — innovative new programs and unique library initiatives made available to everyone. To learn more about giving to the library, visit oppl.org/donate or contact the library’s Accounting and Finance Manager Linda Barnett at lindab@oppl.org.

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