When Rose Mattax was a child, she treasured the idea of a neighborhood being a close-knit community where people looked out for each other, spent time together, and supported each other. In her adulthood, she longed for that connection with her neighbors. Everything changed when L’Arche Chicago bought the house across the street.

Shortly after L’Arche moved in, Rose received a knock on her door. Jean, a core member resident, and an assistant brought over home-baked cookies, marking the start of many new friendships. Over the past eight years, these connections have grown into cherished traditions and lasting memories.

L’Arche provides integrated homes for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Every Wednesday, Rose sits across from Noah, another core member, at the L’Arche Chicago dining table, ready for their weekly game of Uno. This gathering is a highlight for everyone, with new players often joining in.

On less frequent occasions, Jean will get a hankering for a non-alcoholic beer, and Rose gladly accompanies her to O’Sullivan’s in Forest Park. Jean’s wit and humor never fail to charm the server, making these outings truly special.

Rose’s home has transformed into what the community fondly calls the “L’Arche Annex.” For many of the young assistants, moving into Rose’s upstairs apartment is a significant step as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives. This maintains the sense of community – friendship, support and mutual growth.

“I couldn’t have imagined the joy that L’Arche as a neighbor would bring into our lives. I treasure every moment of these invaluable friendships. Life is better with L’Arche as a neighbor.” For that reason, Rose is known to always extend invitations for others to join the L’Arche community.

L’arche Chicago

Life is better together…

Quality care for adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities extends beyond the basics of supporting someone with their basic living and medical needs. It’s about creating opportunities to say, “I’m living my best life” and mean it! L’Arche Chicago is committed to the highest quality of care for our core members (adults with disabilities), and our intentional community makes it possible for us to experience life to the fullest, together. Mutual relationships transform lives at all three of our homes, located in Forest Park and the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. Our fourth home, located in Oak Park, will open in the summer of 2024 when we will welcome four new core members.

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