A provided rendering of the Pete's Fresh Market proposal.

Pete’s Fresh Market this week will be performing the final restoration work for underground improvements on its new site after at least four months of delays.

ComEd, too, will be performing final restoration work for underground improvements.

According to the village manager’s weekly report, there will be one week of concrete restoration, plus two additional weeks of milling and resurfacing asphalt pavement.

The estimated time of completion is before the Thanksgiving holiday.

ComEd will transfer service to AT&T’s new meter at the development site sometime in the next couple of weeks, after which ComEd will remove the remaining overhead lines and poles.

Construction on the site began around December 2021.

However, unforeseen delays have held up the project.

For the duration of the month, any residents in the area will be notified and will receive parking passes, since the roadway on the 300 and 400 blocks of Euclid and the 600 block of Washington will be milled and resurfaced.

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