At Betty’s Pizza & Pasta, 1003 South Blvd., Oak Park, now in its second year of operation, the familiar scent of melting cheese and baking dough greets customers upon arrival.

What once was a cozy, vintage style interior, however, has undergone a significant transformation. New lighting, a new ceiling, and more appealing colors all encompass the warm and inviting interior. The walls, once adorned with simple framed pictures, are now decked with an array of vibrant and striking artwork, all created by the talented staff itself.

Customers remain engaged in the age-old debate of whether to fold their extra-large New York style slices or savor them flat. Some still adhere to the tradition of folding to prevent the infamous “flop,” while others, determined to keep their hands clean, indulge in a no fold policy, embracing the challenge of finishing their slices in multiple bites.

Betty’s Pizza & Pasta has become a staple in the Pleasant District showcasing the creative talents of its own team alongside its scrumptious menu. While retaining its fun and unpretentious vibe, the restaurant now exudes a contemporary charm, balancing the nostalgia of the past with the energy of the present.

The homage to Oak Park’s founding figure, Betty Kettlestrings, remains intact in the restaurant’s name, but the South Boulevard establishment has fully embraced its own unique culinary identity. Betty’s has perfected its pizza recipe and expanded its menu to offer an even wider array of tantalizing options.

The signature 18-inch pizzas, still cut into eight generous slices, maintain their unique texture, boasting a crispy bottom and a fluffy, soft top. Alongside the classic pies featuring whole milk mozzarella and flavorful toppings, the menu now includes a variety of specialty pizzas, including the Mikey’s Hot Honey Pie and the famed Garlic and Zucchini Pie. In addition, Betty’s Pizza & Pasta now offers a “slice happy hour” offering slices for purchase every day from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Also, check out Betty’s Family Dinner Special.

Beyond the ‘za, Betty’s has expanded its offerings to include an array of delectable appetizers such as eggplant parmesan, garlic parmesan chicken wings and retains the famous meatballs and the irresistible garlic knots. Additionally, the menu features an enticing selection of pasta dishes. The salads, available in small and large sizes, have also garnered attention, with the arugula and quinoa salad, featuring apples, blue cheese and crispy bacon, emerging as a particular favorite among patrons.

Kettlestrings Restaurant Group is thrilled to invite everyone to experience the revamped Betty’s Pizza and Pasta. With its updated interior and the added charm of the staff’s own artwork, the restaurant continues to be the go-to destination for a slice of both New York and the creative spirit of its own team.

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