Delivery First, a food delivery start-up founded by Chicagoland restaurateurs, is disrupting the intersection of restaurants and last mile logistics.

Delivery First is a food delivery service that was created by restaurant people for restaurant people with the central idea being to save restaurants money on delivery.

While deliveries took off during the pandemic, Delivery First grew rapidly. When founder Anthony Gambino realized how order generation and catering platforms charged high percentage fees that hurt restaurant profitability he decided to take charge of his company’s deliveries.

Delivery First aims to forge meaningful local partnerships, backed by a team of 200-plus and growing “on demand” drivers.

Unlike larger order generation companies, Delivery First concentrates on three distinct differences.

  1. Their drivers are all employees, not gig workers, Delivery First employs and insures its drivers, providing drivers with hourly wages, tips, 401(k) options, and workman’s comp.
  1. Delivery First charges a flat fee, sparing restaurants from raising prices to cover delivery costs and enabling more predictability than the 20 to 30% fees charged by the larger order generation platforms. Delivery First also allows a restaurant to set its own delivery fee, meaning the restaurant can cover as much of the delivery fee as they care to.
  1. Delivery First will deliver any order the restaurant receives whether by phone, via the restaurant’s own online platform, or even a third party generated order. Delivery First does not need to generate the order to take the delivery.

Delivery First serves most of suburban Chicago and the city, and has a team experienced in navigating restaurant tech and enabling the digital transformation and integrations with multiple POS systems.

Contact us: 312-900-9868

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