D is for Denouement, which is, I pray, what’s going to happen with him and his cult. However, even if he loses the next election — and lose it he must — the aftermath will be long and it will be ugly. He will rewind the tape, replay the lies about it being stolen, and probably try to run again in 2028.

O is for Odd, as in the death of first wife Ivana and her very strange interment on the grounds of his golf course. I’m almost certain something is in that casket other than her remains. Do his kids ever ask that uncomfortable question? Or did her death foreshadow their taking lower profiles in the mess that is his life? Just yuck.

N is for Name-calling. Just when we think Trump has said or done something so outlandish or illegal that he’ll apologize or reverse course, instead he brags, calls people names, and carries on. (Forgive me for name-calling in this piece but I can’t help liking Trump’s description of Ron DeSanctimonious).

A is for … you know … it’s three letters long.

L is for Lust, Love and Loser. We know Trump experiences lust; would that he would keep it to himself. Maybe he loves his family, so long as not one of them is a loser. As for him, he lives in abject fear of being a loser. But does he have any concept of love of country — real patriotism — or is running again for president just part of his perpetual lust for attention?

D is for Dear God, what if he wins again? Why did we think the two-term limit for president was a good idea? It prevents Obama from running again and the kid is only in his 60s.

J is for Justice. How I long to see him with a shaved head, in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs!

T is for the terror that I will feel if he should become president again. I am not exaggerating.

R is for Retribution. The fact that Trump told his followers “I am your retribution” is the scariest part of his candidacy. It’s the idea that if people feel “less than,” it’s because somebody has done something to them to make them feel that way. Furthermore, those of us who live in liberal places like Oak Park are considered partly responsible. Trump also vowed to “totally obliterate” the so-called “Deep State.” Former Obama administration regulatory czar Cass Sunstein defines the deep state as merely “the talented professionals who serve both Democratic and Republican administrations, and who are civil servants rather than political appointees.” More about the Deep State: When I lived in Northern Virginia, just outside D.C., our block parties included lots of “deep state” people. Two middle-aged sisters who lived across the street worked for the CIA. The only time I remember national politics being discussed was when one of the neighbors — a Secret Service agent — was called away from a party because Sen. Ted Kennedy had decided to go out for the evening and required security. Our friend had a few unpleasant things to say about Ted Kennedy, but following Chappaquiddick, didn’t we all? I also remember one good friend complaining when Gerald Ford succeeded President Nixon, that she was losing a good babysitter in Ford’s daughter, Susan. It turns out Susan took the kids to the White House — it was easier than sending Secret Service to the neighborhood. My best friend to this day — we talk almost every day — worked for the Department of Energy on conservation issues, occasionally running into my ex-husband, who was a lobbyist on the same issue. These were all good people, Democrats and Republicans, and patriots all, not “Deep State.”

U is for Unrepentant. It is impossible to find any example of Trump taking responsibility for any policy or event that flopped or failed to meet expectations. “I don’t take responsibility at all” was his response to his slow reaction to the coronavirus pandemic.

M is for that pathetic Mugshot. Why the toddler-tantrum face? Who is he trying to scare? All he needs is gang tattoos on cheeks and forehead. Come to think of it, he seldom looks happy except in old pictures where he’s surrounded by underage girls.

P is for Pope Donald I. He’s nothing like the gentle Pope Francis, of course. I’m referring to the papal fealty that Trump is shown by his followers. If you mention his faults, they often agree, but their support is not shaken. He’s their guy. This fealty comes from a lot of religious conservatives who understand that preventing abortion, to name their number-one issue, is a prime way to control women. Accordingly, Trump has placed three anti-abortion judges on the Supreme Court. By the way, forgive me if I don’t include a defense of abortion. If you don’t believe by now in a woman’s right to direct her life, you never will. Oh, of course, that’s until you or a woman or girl you love needs an abortion.

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Mary Kay O'Grady is a former high school English teacher and later owned her own public relations business, The O'Grady Group. She has lived in Oak Park for almost fifteen years. She is currently the chairperson...