After seeing that her car was about to be burglarized, a Chicago Transit Authority employee was chased by a knife-wielding, would-be burglar at 8:40 p.m., July 23, in the 1100 block of Garfield Street.

Just prior to the chase, the CTA employee saw the man reach inside her 2019 Honda Accord, noticing a brick had been used to break the vehicle’s front passenger’s side window.

The victim then activated her car alarm, prompting the man to yell at her, chasing after her with a knife. She ran from the scene on foot, fleeing north on Harlem Avenue, and later returned to her vehicle.

Aggravated robbery

  • Two men, one of whom implied he was armed, robbed two Oak Park residents, one of whom had her purse forcibly taken from her, at 9:17 p.m., July 23, in the 900 block of North Taylor Avenue. The two alleged offenders were last seen traveling east on Division Street in a silver sedan. The purse, and all of its contents, was later recovered near the intersection of Division Street and Humphrey Avenue.


  • An Oak Park resident was robbed of his Adidas satchel, credit cards, house keys and $12 in cash by two men, one of whom told the victim, “What you got, give it to me,” at 1:16 a.m., July 20, in the 1000 block of South Boulevard. The victim ran away from the men, who left in a dark sedan, possibly a Chevrolet Malibu, which was carrying two additional passengers. The estimated loss is $32.


  • Someone manually lifted the two overhead doors to a resident’s garage, then removed the gray 2016 Volkswagen Jetta that was parked inside, between 5:30 a.m. and 8:24 a.m., July 18.

Motor vehicle theft

  • Someone removed a brown 2015 Kia Soul parked in the 800 block of Fillmore Street between 11 p.m., July 20, and 8 a.m., July 21.
  • A silver 2016 Hyundai Elantra was taken between 8:30 p.m., July 20, and 9 a.m., July 21, in the 1100 block of South Oak Park Avenue.
  • A 2012 Chevrolet Traverse was removed from a parking lot in the 400 block of Lake Street between 7:15 p.m. and 7:26 p.m., July 18.
  • Someone removed a 2017 Hyundai Sonata between 9 p.m., July 18, and 12:33 a.m., July 19, in the 200 block of Iowa Street.
  • A 2014 Kia Soul was taken between 6:30 p.m., July 14, and 9 a.m., July 15, in the 400 block of North Lombard Avenue.

Attempted motor vehicle theft

  • Someone broke the rear passenger’s side of a 2012 Kia Soul, then damaged the vehicle’s steering column once inside, between 6:30 p.m., July 20, and 8:04 a.m., July 21, in the 1100 block of South Kenilworth Avenue.

These items were obtained from Oak Park Police Department reports dated July 18-24 and represent a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in these reports has only been charged with a crime and cases have not yet been adjudicated. We report the race of a suspect only when a serious crime has been committed, the suspect is still at large, and police have provided us with a detailed physical description of the suspect as they seek the public’s help in making an arrest.

Compiled by Stacey Sheridan

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