We applaud the village of Oak Park Health and Police departments for teaming up to host a community event on May 13, aimed at helping residents safely store firearms.

Safe and secure storage of guns saves lives and is one of the most important practices gun owners can do to protect their family members and the community at large. Safe and secure storage in our homes and our cars can prevent unintentional gun injuries, homicides, suicides, and mass shootings, as well as thefts of guns that will likely be used in crimes.

We are thankful for the initiative of a gun-lock giveaway and the inclusion on the event website of the Be SMART campaign with a link to https://besmartforkids.org. The essential message of Be SMART is: “By

Securing all firearms,
Modeling responsible behavior,
Asking about unsecured firearms in friends’ and family members’ homes,
Recognizing the role of firearms in suicide and
Telling others about these strategies,

We can prevent gun deaths and injuries in our community.”

By the time this letter is printed, the event will be over. Hopefully, all feel it was a successful event in promoting gun safety, and that attendees are committed to practicing Be SMART!

Lois Thiessen Love
Oak Park

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