We Americans face some huge challenges, but at the moment we are so passionately divided that we can’t seem to get anything accomplished. This tug-of-war is not trivial, nor is it unique in our history.

But it is time to act with our shared values forward — on assault weapons, abortion,  Ukraine, immigration.

The posturing and positioning need to transform into researching and debating. Opponents must meet and find common ground. This is what we pay you for and what we expect from you. Don’t threaten. Don’t stand firm; negotiate. Don’t seek perfection; find the possible.

Several conditions have contributed to this frozen tableau: the filibuster is one, as are gerrymandered congressional districts, and “judge shopping.”

Those who run for office should concentrate on one term — this one, now. It is a moment for courageous compromise.

Figure it out or we’ll vote you out.

Karen Muriello
Oak Park

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