We support Brian Straw, Cory Wesley and Susan Buchanan for Village Trustee in our upcoming election. They will bring thoughtful, knowledgeable and forward-thinking solutions to the interconnected challenges of today. They have the insight and acumen to focus on details when necessary, and also zoom back out, curious and committed to a holistic view. We’ve watched their engagement of Oak Parkers door to door, event to event – seeking to understand and considering input for current and future decisions.

In terms of living up to our professed values around equity, belonging and justice, inclusionary housing, support for small businesses, collaborative approaches to climate action, traffic calming measures, and brave conversations about safety and policing, Straw, Wesley and Buchanan will most effectively lead on these significant issues. We trust they will also be diligent, pragmatic and creative in their stewardship of the budget and tax levy. Their leadership capabilities are broad and comprehensive and will move us forward as a community. Thank you for voting on or before April 4th!

Linda Francis

Michele Frieburg

Dot Lambshead Roche

Michelle Major

Alison Price

James Ratner

Yoko Terretta

Christina Welter

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