We need Susan Buchanan’s continued advocacy for zero-carbon policies on the Oak Park Village Board. When Susan ran for trustee four years ago, she declared that the environment was front and center on her agenda for village action.

It was her clarion call for a rigorous climate action plan that ultimately resulted in the adoption of “Climate Ready Oak Park” last summer. She didn’t do it by herself, but she did rally other activists as well as village officials like Village President Vicki Scaman and fellow Trustee Ravi Parakkat to work together to lay the groundwork for the plan. She understands the importance of working in a collegial manner with fellow board members and village staff. She also understands the importance of working with as many facets of the community as possible.

Susan fully understands that the global climate crisis really is a crisis, which may well imperil our civilization with very little warning. Professionally, she is an occupational and environmental physician. More importantly, she is always learning and willing to listen to other points of view.

Although she has been a leader on environmental issues, Susan is far from a one-issue trustee. She is informed on the entire range of issues facing the village, including economic development, policing, solid waste management, and street repair.

We need her hard work and continued sense of urgency on our village board.

Nick Bridge
Oak Park

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