I strongly support Brian Souders for District 200 school board. At this very important time in our district, I believe he has the right skill set, and a point of view that is needed on the board. He will also bring a diversity of viewpoints and independent thought. 

Particularly with fiscal matters, Brian looks at the big picture, and will search for a common-sense solution while balancing many competing interests. He has a keen understanding that OPRF is just one of many taxing bodies in our town, yet is heavily responsible for the tax burden and ultimate affordability in our communities. 

Most importantly, he understands the power of communication and transparency. Too often D200 has been criticized for failing to adequately address important issues with the community in a timely and transparent manner. Brian understands that communication is crucial, and that trust must be earned by our elected officials every day. He will work every day to build those strong, trusting relationships with the entire community. 

On April 4, I hope you will join me and vote for Brian Souders for the OPRF school board.

Annemarie Kill, Oak Park

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