Brenda walked into the domestic violence courthouse to file for an emergency order of protection. When she arrived, she met a Legal Advocate from Sarah’s Inn who assisted her as she filled out paperwork and they explained her legal rights under the law, as well as the legal process in the domestic violence court system. Brenda told the advocate that she and her daughters had been kicked out by her husband because she had gone to her sister’s home without his permission. She shared stories about the physical abuse that had begun when she was pregnant with her third daughter. The advocate replied to her saying, “We understand your situation, we believe you, and we’re going to help you.” Brenda says she felt such relief because “Those were the words I was waiting for, for many years.” 

Through the advocacy and counseling services at Sarah’s Inn, Brenda found the support she needed as she began to heal and create a life she never thought possible for her family. She attended college, found a job she enjoys, and was able to purchase a home for her and her daughters. Throughout all of this, her Sarah’s Inn Advocate has continued to walk with her and stand by her as she navigates her life free of abuse. 

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